Common Things to Look Out for Before Buying Your Dream Home

It is easy to become overwhelmed when you enter the home buying market in Washington. Friends, family, colleagues, and even acquaintances will give you their opinions if you are a first time home buyer. While most of them are looking out for your best interest, they are not fully aware of what is happening in the housing market. That’s why Catlin Capital is here to assist you on making the right home purchasing decisions.

It is important for you to be prepared and have your own questions ready. No matter what other opinions you are getting, you are the one buying the home and your comfort level will help make your final decision. Here are Catlin Capital’s three important questions to ask before you purchase a home.

1. Why am I Buying a Home?

Regardless of the finances, it is important to think about what made you want to buy a home in the first place. Usually the reasons don’t have to do with money. Instead, home buyers are focused on how the house will impact their family in the future. Catlin Capital finds that there are usually four reasons people buy a home. Those reasons include: schools for your children, a safe environment, more room for your family to grow, and control of your own space.

These factors are the most common reasons people look to buy a new home. When you ask yourself why you are looking to purchase a home, do any of those factors come up? Spend time with your spouse or family members who are involved in this decision and determine why you want a home in the first place. Creating this list will help when searching for a home and can help your real estate agent find the best home for your needs. Our team wants to ensure you are organized and prepared in the home searching process.

2. What is the Trend with Home Values?

Our current economy and housing market in Washington is strong. That means home values and mortgage rates are increasing. If you are looking to purchase a home in Washington, but want to stay within a budget, it may be in your best interest to move quickly. It is forecasted for these trends to continue in an upward motion, causing home values to continue to increase.

3. What About Current Washington Mortgage Rates?

The ticket price is not the only thing you should be concerned with when purchasing a home. Mortgage rates in Washington are always changing and can have a huge impact on your monthly payments. Current trends show mortgage rates in Washington are rising. This is something to consider if you are debating the right time to purchase a home, since the rates may be even higher down the road. Catlin Capital will always keep track of opportunities for additional savings, if rates trend downward in the future. It is very rare to keep a 30-year mortgage for the full term, so you can rest assured knowing someone is watching the market for you in order to take advantage of future savings.

Catlin Capital’s Bottom Line

You and your family are the only ones who can determine the right time to purchase your dream home. It is important to decide exactly why you want a new home for your family and decide on a budget that will be comfortable moving forward. This budget may affect the amount of time you have to search for a home, since home prices and mortgage rates are increasing. Once you decide the time is right, Catlin Capital can quickly go through the pre-approval process with you so you can shop confidently and close quickly.