How To Get Pre-approved With Catlin Capital

Getting a mortgage pre-approval is one of the most important steps when it comes to the home-buying process. Before you start looking at homes, you can apply for a mortgage pre-approval with your trusted mortgage broker, Catlin Capital. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

What is a mortgage pre-approval?

Getting a mortgage pre-approval essentially means a lender has reviewed your credit, income and assets to qualify you for a home loan, subject to the appraisal and title review of the new home, as well as no adverse changes to your profile. A loan officer has discussed your financial goals and has determined how much you can afford. There are several advantages to getting pre-approved for a home loan.

Advantages to getting pre-approved

Shows sellers that you are serious and trustworthy

Home sellers want to work with a serious buyer who they can trust. Getting pre-approved for a home loan shows sellers and real estate agents that you are financially qualified and aren’t going to waste their time. 

Get an idea of your budget

Getting pre-approved for a home loan also gives you an idea of your budget and what you can spend on a new home. This can allow you to start shopping for the right home within your price range. Pre-approvals can also ensure the closing will run quickly and smoothly because you and your lender will have all the information ready to go.

Gives you an estimate of your new home payments

It is nearly impossible to narrow down your home search without an idea of what loan programs you qualify for. Knowing an estimate of how much your monthly payments will be will help you narrow down the search for the home you are looking for.

Save money and time

The main goal of everything we do is to save money and time. Getting pre-approved for a home loan can help you do both when you have the right help. Catlin Capital makes it our goal to ensure you are positioned to confidently make an offer with our quick and easy pre-approval process.

Why is it important to get pre-approved in Washington?

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage in Washington is important because it helps you establish credibility with your realtor and encourages sellers to work with you. The housing market is competitive and you want to put your best foot forward in order to secure your dream home. Providing proof that you have the financial ability to purchase a home will prevent you from being ignored. A pre-approved mortgage will also be able to narrow down your search and allow you to only look at homes within your price range. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind that you are financially secure and ready to purchase a home.

Get pre-approved with Catlin Capital

The pre-approval process is important to know about and take advantage of when purchasing a home in Washington. Now that you know more about the process of getting a pre-approval, you can get started on the process today with the help of Catlin Capital. Deciding to purchase a new home is a big decision, and you want it to be done right. Talk with our experts to make sure you have all the information needed to get pre-approved and use our Instant Rate Quote calculator for your personal mortgage rate quote. Catlin Capital is here to guide you through your pre-approval needs.