• This company is great to work with. They offer the best rate they are very efficient and professional to help me with my home loan.

    Wei Qiu Avatar Wei Qiu

    Jason and his fantastic team with Joshua Watson, Michael Sanborn at Catlin Capital are the best lender/broker we have seen. We have several financing properties but they did the best job, great rate and low cost. We definitely recommend them to all of our friends/colleagues.

    Ping Wang Avatar Ping Wang

    I recently bought a house and have to say that Catlin Capital beat all my expectations -- they have some of the best rates and they work fast. We were ready to close 1 week before the set date. Highly recommend!

    Andrey Arkharov Avatar Andrey Arkharov

    Great experience

    Juming Lai Avatar Juming Lai
  • At Catlin Capital you get low fees and a high level of service. I’ve recommended friends and family who also had an excellent experience with Catlin Capital. The process was easy. They kept us well informed and set great expectations. If you’re looking for the best rates and terms look no further. I was truly impressed with my outcome and thankful for their help!

    Leah K. Avatar Leah K.

    Jason and his entire team were so helpful and articulate in explaining everything we needed to know up front, helped compare/contrast against other rates we were quoted and spent the time with us explaining different options and outcomes with each route we could go, to help us ultimately decide what would be best for our situation. These individuals work A LOT and they are efficient, dedicated, and never miss a beat. I respect their process and felt they did a fantastic job always keeping us informed as to what to expect before it happened. If you prefer the slower, hand-holding, higher rates/closing cost lender type - head to bank. But if you want a solid, experienced, knowledgeable, plus a SUPER friendly broker and staff - that also happens to have the best rates and closing costs - CALL THEM.

    Tiffany Johnson Avatar Tiffany Johnson

    Great customer service. They were always on top of the next step. Professional and knowledgeable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with everyone I came into contact with at Catlin Capital. I was shocked at the speed of the process they were capable of, has to be top in the industry.

    Chad Wagner Avatar Chad Wagner

    Jason was always on top of it. Great experience and great rate. I was 100% satisfied with how my transaction was handled.

    Troy Jenison Avatar Troy Jenison
  • Extremely professional and expedient!

    Christopher Thomas Avatar Christopher Thomas

    Jason and his team are outstanding: they were able to do my financing in less than 30 days and their closing fees were the lowest. They were very responsive and helpful during the process.

    Alex B Avatar Alex B

    My wife and I recently refinanced two properties with Jason and his team at Catlin Capital, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Not only did they get us a great rate, they were incredibly responsive and thorough in explaining the process to us as refi newbies. The whole process was simple, easy, and fast with no high-pressure sales tactics. I'd strongly recommend that anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home speak with Catlin Capital.

    Dan Jensen Avatar Dan Jensen

    Jason and his team were terrific in getting my refinance done on time and pain free.

    Andrew Christofas Avatar Andrew Christofas
  • The crew at Catlin was absolutely amazing through the whole process. Fast, smart, and friendly. Will definitely use them again.

    Dan Wolfley Avatar Dan Wolfley

    I've used Jason and his great team twice to refinance my properties. So fast and convenient with great service and communication throughout the process. Great rates and low costs, even closed a week early on the most recent. I wish all of my dealings were with folks as honest, knowledgeable and responsive as the people at this company. Highly recommend.

    Michael Anziano Avatar Michael Anziano

    a year ago- We had great experience through this company. Very efficient and fast. Customer service is excellent. Would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you.

    Alla Benson Avatar Alla Benson

    I recently refinanced an out of state property with Catlin Capital. The team at Caitlin Capital did an amazing job. The quality of service, expertise, patience and guidance during the process was phenomenal. They were able to lock in a great rate with no $$$ out of my pocket. They were also incredibly communicative and responsive thorough the entire process - taking time to explain every single step of the way to me. The whole process was simply amazing, easy, and fast.

    I strongly recommend Catlin Capital for your residential financial needs. Mike, Josh and the Caitlin Capital team will take very good care of you!

    Felix Mendoza Avatar Felix Mendoza
  • I work with multiple lenders during my refinance. Catlin Capital gave me the best conditions! I did not increase my loan, I got money back after closing (not from my escrow account). I had limited time frame, because of family conditions, and it was Thanksgiving week. They was in control of everything and prepared documents right in time. We closed on time! We closed in 17 calendar days! Fantastic experience!

    Aleksandr Tokarev Avatar Aleksandr Tokarev

    Offers the best rates around and is quick to get all the paperwork ready for closing. We had a very difficult seller that kept wanting to change the closing date. Jason was prompt to respond and made it happen.

    Michael Crosby Avatar Michael Crosby

    This company was great to work with in buying our new home! Everything went very smoothly & quickly! The closing costs were very low considering other companies! I highly recommend them! Thank you for everything you guys did for us!

    Jody Stacy Avatar Jody Stacy

    Great rates, quick responses and extremely professional. We closed in 21 days even with christmas and vacation in the middle!

    Rigdha Acharya Avatar Rigdha Acharya
  • Terrific rate, tremendous service, and so quick! The Catlin Capital team took the time to understand my needs, provide suggestions to keep rates low, and were there every step of the way. The app is so helpful!

    ANDY McCandless Avatar ANDY McCandless

    Most outstanding about Jason (and Sylicia) were their responsiveness, willingness to do research about my particular refinancing needs, finding the right product for me, focus on my situation until we locked in on a rate, and consistent follow-up to either help me get the appropriate documents for them or to update me on the process as it went along. I've refinanced a half dozen times -- this was the best experience I've had. Jason maintains excellent availability, even on the weekends if necessary. Their website and its functionality with uploading documents was top-notch and easy to use.

    R W Avatar R W

    This was our first time working with Catlin Capital and I would definitely use them again. Jason and his team were great to work with and very responsive throughout the process. Good rates, good service and we closed on time!!

    Ray Ragsdale Avatar Ray Ragsdale

    Great rates and super fast turn around time! Highly recommended!

    Grace Chang Avatar Grace Chang
  • This company is great! I worked with Travis and Michael and they were able to give me the best rate and low fees while providing great customer service. These guys had much better rates/fees than 3 other lenders that I was pre approved with. Also, we closed on time without any issues. I will definitely refer all of my friends and family to this company.

    Artur Avakimov Avatar Artur Avakimov

    Quick response and closed the deal on time. Very knowledge and patient to explain things. It was recoomended to me by one friend and all things work out well for me. Jason and Mike are really helpful. Pleasant experience! I would recommend them to my friends for sure.

    Chunyong He Avatar Chunyong He

    Catlin Capital was extremely great to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would like a fast, friendly and easy process! 5 Star in all aspects!

    Luke C Avatar Luke C

    WOW! 4 months ago "WOW! You will not find better rates, customer service and speed of work than Catlin Capital! After being stressed out enough with increasing house prices and hourly increasing mortgage interest rate, I contacted so many banks, loan officers and brokers to find the best mortgage terms. No one could provide with better terms than Catlin Capital and no one could possibly close on time for our deal but Catlin Capital." When I saw their rates, closing costs and credits they issue, i was shocked and my first question was: "Are these numbers real?!" I only wished that I knew about them earlier in my search so I could save even more on time and money. Thank you Catlin Capital for helping our family to get a new home!!! :)))

    Julia Tikhonova Avatar Julia Tikhonova
  • This was my second time using Catlin, and I will definitely use them again! They make the process as seemless as possible. Thank you!

    Christophe Allen Avatar Christophe Allen

    My wife and I used Catlin Capital to purchase a second home. Jason and his team (Travis and Michael) are straightforward and easy to work with and extremely customer focused. Catlin Capital got us a rate that was 1/2 point lower than our bank and about $5k lower on fees. Everything worked out as predicted and our loan closed on time. I would highly recommend Catlin Capital.

    Matthew Hinck Avatar Matthew Hinck

    Very Friendly and Helpful team. We got very good rates and closed very quickly. Highly recommended.

    Manish Khatiwada Avatar Manish Khatiwada

    Michael and Joshua were enormously helpful in refinancing my loan, and were quite patient throughout the whole process. Thank you!

    Samruth Reddy Avatar Samruth Reddy
  • I highly recommend Catlin Capital. Most of my dealing were with Mike and he was super prompt and always accurate. I could trust him through the entire process and his handling definitely made my experience with my home loan very smooth.

    Sachin Jain Avatar Sachin Jain

    This is my 2nd time going through Catlin for a loan. Closed my refi in 3 weeks with a great rate without compromising service. The entire team responded quickly and provided many points of contact if I needed them. I'm a loan officer myself, so this 5/5 rating goes a long way and I'd highly recommend Catlin Capital!

    Evan Karr Avatar Evan Karr